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The TAHFI Board of Directors has approved the granting of a one-thousand dollar scholarship to be awarded to a deserving history graduate student who studies military and/or aviation history. “Because the broad field of military history attracts so many high quality students to Texas Tech, we are very excited and appreciative that TAHFI will be sponsoring this scholarship,” said Dr. Sean Cunningham, Chair of the Department of History at Texas Tech University. “We look forward to awarding this scholarship annually to a student who has chosen to earn a masters or doctoral degree in this important field.”

There are currently thirty-five graduate students studying fields related to either military, diplomatic or aviation history at Texas Tech, with many of them focusing on subjects which take advantage of the rich resources of the world famous Vietnam Center and Archive and the Southwest Collection at TexasTech. “This scholarship is going to have a wonderful impact on the chosen students,” said Amy Crumley, Director of Development for the TTU College of Arts and Sciences. 

The scholarship will be administered through the Texas Tech Foundation, Inc. 

First Scholarship Awarded - 1.0 mb

Members of TAHFI are urged to contribute specifically to the scholarship fund through a designated contribution. Click here for instructions.

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