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Texas Aviation Heritage Foundation 

History and Heritage


The State of Texas, and in a significant degree the High Plains of West Texas, have a long and rich aviation and aerospace heritage. With the closure of several air force bases throughout Texas during the past decade, the frail nature of this heritage became abundantly clear.

Therefore, a group of like-minded individuals started a dialogue among themselves and with civic leaders in the Lubbock area. The result was the formation of the Texas Aviation Heritage Foundation, Inc. (TAHFI) as a not-for-profit, tax exempt, membership organization whose purpose is the collection, preservation, restoration and exhibition of aviation and aerospace artifacts and historical documents. In addition, TAHFI is dedicated to the promotion and perpetuation of aviation and aerospace activities, history and heritage through the establishment of publications and archival collections for public education and scholarly research. In support of its overall purposes, TAHFI is establishing liaison relationships with individuals and organizations throughout Texas and elsewhere with similar and supportive interests in aviation heritage.

If you have any questions regarding TAHFI, please feel free to contact us.   If you would like to join click here for information.